Evan Tilley
Columbia University '22
B.S. Computer Engineering
Hi! I'm currently a senior at Columbia University and most recently spent my summer interning for Yahoo! I also just finished up my relaunch of DormMatch, a mobile app which I designed from the ground-up (from the SQL schemas to the Node server to the Swift and Android front-ends). It's currently live on the App Store and hosted on AWS Beanstalk with CloudFront + Redis for speed improvements, and CloudFlare for extra protection.
Industry Experience
Joint Special Operations Command Intern
Summer 2020
Worked with an agile development team to add dynamic querying functionality to a data analysis application. Utilized unit testing and mocking.
Yahoo Mail iOS Intern
Summer 2021
Added support for 3D file types to the Yahoo Mail iOS app.
TA Experience
As a TA since sophomore year, I've led review sessions and recitations, graded exams, created and graded problem sets, and held office hours to help reinforce concepts.

Research Experience
As a research assistant and team leader, I've both directed and helped with the design and creation of web-based applications.

Professor Lydia Chilton
2018 - Present
- Worked on noSQL database design and frontend integration
- Utilized technologies such as Flask, jQuery, and Firebase to develop full-stack web apps
- User testing, prototyping, and iteration to perfect design per feedback
Professor Henning Schulzrinne
Spring - Summer 2021
- Worked on SQL database design and frontend integration
- Tech stack including Django, and AWS to lead a team working on developing a production-ready app
- Developed an end-end CI/CD workflow for seamless deployment
Some Recent Projects
Spring 2021 - Present

Created as a way for students to safely meet others, I initially launched DormMatch in the Spring of 2021, using a primarily Firebase backend. However, as the user count grew past 300 users, I realized that a refactor was in order as I wanted to be able to perform complex queries with highly relational data.

So, over the summer I completely redid the backend of the app, using a Node.js server, a thought-out SQL database (schemas available upon request), and a Swift-based frontend for iOS (Android frontend is current work in progres).

I'm hosting the application on AWS beanstalk, and, in the process, learned a great deal about load balancers, CloudFront and Redis caching, and CloudFlare.
Spring 2020 - Fall 2021

Born out of a virtual hackathon shortly after Columbia transitioned to a virtual setting during COVID-19, LionCraft was a a project I led to virtually recreate Columbia in Minecraft. I used Google Cloud to host, scale, and continually monitor a public server, which saw several hundred people, from students to faculty, join to build and explore.

The Columbia administration took a great interest in the project and used it as part of the 2020 Commencement Celebration.
Awards and Honors
Columbia Spirit Award for TAing
Dean's List
2018 - Present