Hi! I'm a junior at Columbia University majoring in computer engineering. I'm passionate about mobile and web engineering and the interface between hardware and software. I just finished up an internship working as a full stack developer for the Joint Special Operations Command and am currently working for Columbia Computer Science Professor Lydia Chilton's research group, as we develop applications for visualizing abstract concepts (see SymbolFinder). I'm currently a TA for Fundamentals of Computer Systems.

Skills and Interests
Hardware/Software Integration
- Digital Logic Design
- Assembly language
- CPU architecture
- Circuit design and construction
- Signal Processing
- Sequential circuitry
Software + Mobile Engineering
- Redux
- React
- GraphQL
- Test Driven Development (Jest, MockK, Cypress)
- Spring Boot
- Flask
- PostgreSQL
- SwiftUI (Check me out on the App Store)
- UIKit
- Android Studio (recently published GRYB)
- Firebase integration and security